Using medicinal plants dates back to the dawn of time. Throughout the centuries, we have healed ourselves with the plants that we find around the house, in the mountains, or in the surrounding woods. Even today, we use them to relieve various disorders and small everyday ailments, in humans but also in the garden!
Most of the natural treatments which we use to strengthen our plants and to defend them come from our own production of aromatics plants and vegetables.

They are also very useful to attract pollinators. Without them, there is no harvest. The flowers of the aromatics will attract bumblebees, bees, butterflies and other insects which will pollinate your plants and give many vegetables.

We decided to cultivate some of the most famous ones and then got addicted to their smell, beauty and to their way to taking over the land! When we feel a bit slowed down by the heat, the daily life or the tiredness, we just go lie down in the middle of this fairy garden to regain strength!