We have gathered more than 60 varieties of cereals from Lebanon, Syria, Iraq, Iran, Tunisia, France, Ethiopia, Italy and from many other countries, via exchanges with farmers, research centers or seed producers. Some of these varieties are very rare and have disappeared from the fields for decades; others are mixes of cereals, results of years of intense work from cereals passionate experts like Salvatore Ceccarelli (Italy), Jean-Pierre Bolognini (France) or Cenesta (Iran). From a handful, or a few grams of each, we have patiently multiplied and observed these varieties in order to reach sufficient volumes to distribute them to the region’s fields. For a few years now, we are experimenting and testing our different varieties of Soft wheat (tannour, saj, sourdough bread, pastries), Durum wheat (bulgur, pastas, freekeh) and other cereals like Rye, Spelt, Emmer or Einkorn, enjoying every moment of the chain production until the degustation!