Aside from training cycles and provision of agricultural inputs to various audiences, BuJu is working in supporting all initiatives that would like to start, continue or improve a project in agroecology in Lebanon. Depending on the needs, we support such initiatives in designing their garden or land; in defining the agricultural plan and calendar; choosing the varieties, the agricultural techniques used and the investment to do.

We also aim at reinforcing a large network of initiatives, by trying to connect people and projects to each other all over Lebanon.

This support is done either on a volunteer basis or within funded projects; that allow us to dedicate proper time, money, and human resources to support such projects.

Since 2016, we have supported and exchanged with a large range of initiatives in all lebanon:

  • Nohye el Ard (Saida)

  • Sikke (Saida)

  • Community gardens in Amel Association Primary Health Care center (Haret Hreik, Ain el Remaneh, Khiam, Kamed el Loz)

  • Shahraban collective (Boudai)

  • Hermel Association

  • Nayzaq/Sajar in Saadnayel

  • Zirma collective (Zgharta)

  • Hajar wa Bashar (Tripoli)

  • AgriYouth collective garden (Wadi el Karm)

  • Batloun youth collective project

  • Beirut Art Center roof garden

  • Migrant Community Center (MCC) garden

  • Farasheh garden in Chatila

  • (nation station?)