Cinema tour !

Between June and October 2021, Buzuruna Juzuruna organized a wide awareness tour in all Lebanon named “Buzur Wa Aflam”, to meet farmers, gardeners and customers from different regions in the country. During the summer, and thanks to a mobile cinema at the back of our car (a light metallic structure; professional cinema screen 4x5m and professional hifi equipment), BuJu organized 18 different events, from North to South Lebanon.

Each event was organized with a local partner (association, group of farmers, cooperatives…) who were in charge of the communication in the village, facilitation with local authorities and on-field logistics.

Buzuruna Juzuruna had prepared a selection of movies, from different Arabic countries, talking about the important topics of farmer’s autonomy; food sovereignty and heirloom seeds (list of movies; partners and locations below). They were both documentaries, technical movies and production from BuJu and our network.

Each events included a Seed Swap (table of seeds from BuJu farm, that people could take for free / and each farmers bringing their own seeds to share), a debate and/or round table with guests speakers; as well as different cultural activities organized with the local groups (concerts, theater and circus shows; local handcraft markets, fresh meal with the local gardens’ products…). In total, the cinema tour gathered more than 1100 participants, from the village of Khiam at the border with Occupied Palestine, to Ersal and Al Qaa, Zgharta, Marj Bisri or the heart of Beirut.

Both the movies, the cinema structure and the team remain available to organize such event; and few of them still happen every year upon opportunities.