We define ourselves, and our garden in Saadnayel, as a school-farm for agroecology. Our aim is to be a place for experimentation of all different agricultural techniques that can contribute to a cleaner, healthier and more sustainable agriculture.

Throughout the year, all our team keeps experimenting, comparing methods, trying new recipes, exchanging with experts, beginners and curious.

All this knowledge, that is coming both from graduated agricultural engineers and from experienced farmers are being compiled, updated and illustrated in different formats.

From these, and using our farm as a real-scale practical class, BuJu has organized dozens of cycles of training on agroecology, for various audiences. These cycles can include only a one-day introduction session for beginners, until full-cycles of 60+ days, inviting our networks of specialists to complete the sessions done in the farm. They include both theoretical and practical sessions on agriculture (general intro on agroecology; history and economics of agriculture; soil life and composition; water cycles and irrigation systems; compost and natural fertilizers; integrated pest management and preparation of natural pesticides; crop rotation, garden design and diversified agriculture; seeds extraction and use) and agriculture-related topics (tree, aromatics and flowers cutting, grafting and pruning; beekeeping; wheat and cereal culture; food-processing; natural cosmetics and medicines; eco-construction, etc).

Since 2016, more than 1000 individuals have attended our different training cycles: farmers from all regions of Lebanon, eager to transition to agroecology; families living in informal settlements eager to grow a family garden; beginners eager to plant on their balcony, etc. BuJu has both the capacity to do training in our farm (a class hosting 25+ participants) and on-site.

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